Interview to Lee


LEE KRUGER owns a very nice fashion boutique in Copenhagen, Kruger’s FinestShe sells vintage clothes for women, chosen with great care and passion from famous luxury brands.

Her shop is a cozy living room, where you can sit comfortably and sip coffee while having a lively chat with Lee. Lots of shops in Copenhagen hide a  perfectly equipped kitchenette like hers, made for the owner but also open to customers and visitors. We got a fresh bottle of water from one of these shops, after one hour spent trying clothes on, and without buying anything! Perfectly unbelievable in Genoa…

What is hygge for Lee? Seat comfortably, enjoy the warm coziness of your nest while outside it’s cold and raining.

What is her most hyggelig activity? Eating sweets on a TV night.

How would she describe an hyggelig home? With personality, full of pictures of the people who live there and with an atmosphere of comfort.

If she should represent hygge with an object, what would it be? A crochet pillow.

What are the most hyggelig places in Copenhagen? Botanical Garden, Kruger’s Finest,  Kings Garden.

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