Interview to Pil


We meet PIL HODAL outside a café in the center of Copenhagen. She is drinking a cup of coffee in the warm air of an August afternoon. She smiles at us with a gentle and inviting look and answers to our questions with curiosity. Thanks to her easygoing approach, our interview gets an immediate tone of comfort and intimacy, an absolutely hyggelig atmosphere!

Pil is 36. She has been working part-time since she had two children. She tells us that in Copenhagen is not difficult to work and have children at the same time, there’s still a lot of respect and support to families, even though things have been changing lately…

What is hygge for Pil? Spending time with the people she loves and deeply enjoying the moment.

What is her most hyggelig activity? Having dinner with friends and family.

How would she describe an hyggelig home? Warm and cozy, full of candles and smelling of cakes and tea.

If she should represent hygge with an object, what would it be? Candlelight.

What are the most hyggelig places in Copenhagen? Tivoli, De Gamles By and ByOasen

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