Interview to Rune


I don’t know why we are talking about Rune just now. He was the first person we interviewed in Copenhagen, right outside a very famous spot, La Glace, one of the oldest and most celebrated pastry shops and cafés in the city centre.

RUNE NOËL is an architect, he rides through Copenhagen with his bike, as most people do. When we meet him, he is dressing in total black, showing a quite attractive and designer-style look that perfectly matches his profession.


He answers our questions with attention and gives us a lot of interesting information on the city.

What is hygge for Rune? Intimate time with the people he loves.

What is his most hyggelig activity? Enjoying food with the people he loves.

How would he describe an hyggelig home? Welcoming, green, full of light and open to people.

If he should represent hygge with an object, what would it be? Pillows and candles.

What are the most hyggelig places in Copenhagen?  Sankt Annae 8, Morgenstedet, Grand Teatret, Refshaleøen and La Banchina.

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